The Gazaro Stallions    

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Romero XXV               Comico IV

   Romero   Comico IV
                  Bay                       Bay Rabicano 
            DoB 1995                        DoB 1995

Mas Yaco
Mas Yaco
DoB 2013


Gastador XII          Zafiro VII     
Gastador     Zafiro
1984 -2013                   1984 - 2007

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Currently we have three stallions that are standing at public stud, namely Romero XXV, Comico IV & Mas Yaco. More information about them can be found on their web pages.

Partbred production is especially popular as the Spanish stallions impart that Andalusian 'look at me' quality on their foals. Our stallions can cover naturally but AI is more popular because no transport and livery fees are necessary for the mare.

General details about breeding and useful information regarding AI can be found by following the links on the Home page.

Our very rare cremello PRE, Mas Yaco, Graded for breeding in June 2017 and is now eligible to stand at public stud. His double cream genes will enable us to produce buckskins from the black mares and palominos from the chestnut mares with absolute certainty and so is a very exciting prospect for our future breeding plans.

Gastador and Zafiro are no longer with us but both lived at the Gazaro Stud until they were well into their twenties. We have taken the liberty of remembering them here as they were instrumental in setting up our stud.



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